Saturday, June 28, 2014

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

ผิดคนรึเปล่า โรส KPN Feat frm album Vampires

A portrait of my golden frames day  nice quote of the day......With the new day glittering to together with the new strength and new thòught forever.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

.......the solaristic issue

...Solarist presents innovative solar powered solutions that solve environmental problems like water scarcity. Solarist’s first product is a small-scale seawater reverse-osmosis unit with excellent energy efficiency. Recently, the system delivers up to 400 L/Hr of potable water, from seawater (at 40,000 ppm), while consuming less than 1100 Watt of electrical power. We are also working on developing it to deliver up to 1500 litre/hour. This represents a specific energy consumption of less than 3 kWh/m3. Moreover, the flow is controlled in order to reduce the power consumption. The most important feature is the energy recovery, and the use of a variable water recovery ratio by a controlled algorithm. The significance of the system is that it may be operated from variable intermittent renewable-energy sources, such as solar-photovoltaic. The PV is characterized by its high capital cost (per kW) and the variability of the energy that they are able to provide. Thus, in order to make PV-RO economically applicable, the pumps and RO membranes must offer excellent energy efficiency, and this is achieved by carrying out maintenance over a wide operating range.